Using The Natural Treasures of the Earths Seas

To Create Beautiful Framed Art Pieces



An Artists Story..

As a young child I had a fascination with the sea. I spent all my summer days at the beach. As I approached my adulthood this passion for travel and adventure grew. I visited the Caribbean at least four times a year and collected beach treasures from coastlines of Bahamas, South America, Aruba, Belize, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean became my paradise for finding seashells and coral. For more variety I traveled to places like Hawaii, Delaware, The Cyclades, Gulf coast of Florida and even as far as French Polynesia for seashells.
I found a way to immortalize every rock, seashell, coral bit and sand from the beaches I explored. I began creating shadow boxes filled with the treasures I found during my adventures.

Whenever friends would visit they would admire these amazing pieces of art that were displayed throughout my home. Each handmade piece had a story. Enclosed in each box was a beautiful array of corals, echinoderms, seashells, and occasional flotsam/jetsam.
After traveling, searching and hand picking beach finds, I carefully clean and polish the shells, and dust the fans to remove any dirt or debris. I then photograph and catalogue my finds and organize them by size, sea shell category, color, and origin.
When creating a piece I use museum frame backing with recycled materials such as linen, canvas, burlap, vintage maps, or card stock. I design a layout by creatively matching shells by shape and color so they appear natural..just as if they were found laying on the beach. Capturing a moment, an exotic location and the essence of the sea is my inspiration.



My Philosophy..

I have a great respect and admiration for the environment. I love the sea and the oceans and want to protect them from anymore harm. I would never disturb any living creatures for my art. I do extensive research on the items I collect and beaches that I visit. I strongly follow all global protection rules. My shelling will not effect the oceans fragile ecosystem. I only use exanimite objects. I try my best to work with recycled, reconditioned or reclaimed materials in my art.

My dream is to create one of a kind art pieces that will portray my love for the sea and exhibit it's beautiful sea life. By immortalizing these shells people can admire them without contributing to the over-shelling around the world. I travel frequently, to different locations as not to remove too many items from one area.

By finding seashells on the beach I prevent collectors from removing live animals out of the sea and killing them for their shells. I do not support seashell merchants because it’s likely that they carry seashells from the Philippines or Indonesia where people dive for shelled animals and coral to sell to American shops. That practice is not sustainable and harmful to the oceans ecosystem. Unfortunately, at the rate that they are depleting their waters, these creatures are becoming endangered and even extinct. By finding the seashells myself I have created some of my fondest memories. I've developed a love and appreciation for these beautiful creatures. I've experienced so many beautiful shorelines that could never be purchased in a shop. My art is an expression of my passion and through my trade I hope to bring more appreciation and awareness to others.

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